Upcoming Events


14 - Mother's day, no evening service

      - EHS Baccalaureate First Assembly 3pm


​12-16    VBS Son World Adventure Park

18 - Father's Day no evening service

19-24     Mission Fuge (Youth)

25 - Special Fuge service 10am


Our Philosophy

We hold to tenants of The Baptist Faith and Message. We believe that church is not just what happened on Sunday morning but is a way of life. It is our goal to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through our lives as we live for Him. 

About Westside Baptist Church

Who We Are

We are a Bible believing body of believers associated with the Southern Baptist Convention

What should I wear?
Westside is more concerned with the heart than on the outward appearance.  On any given Sunday, you will see a diverse range of clothing styles. 

What is the worship style?
The worship at Westside is blended and is led by our choir,praise team and worship band. Each Sunday service includes both hymns and contemporary worship songs.